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Spice Cabinet Little Makeover

If you know me you know that we move houses/addresses/cities super often, so I always get a little reluctant to buy certain things such as plants and breakable items. Last time we moved (end of 2019 from Toronto to Nashville), I lost ALL MY WINE AND CHAMPAGNE GLASSES during the moving, ended up with a huge box of broken glass. Also had to give all my little succulents (quietly wimps).

I've learned to prioritise things and try to stick to the basics, so I never really invested in things that were not really essential. But the truth is you can't put a price on certain things and it really feels good to live in an organised, clean environment.

Here's how organised my spice cabinet. I love it how it looks much cleaner and easier to find the things I'm looking for. Also saves a LOT of space! Next step: PANTRY! Stay tuned!

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