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5 Movies/Series to Watch if You're Into Fashion

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

Are you one of those people who watch movies and is -almost- more interested in the fashion then the movie itself? Hey, nice to meet you. I've always been one of those since I watched The Devil Wears Prada and convinced my mom I had to cut my bands off. Thank you, Anne Hathaway, I did NOT look as cute as you in bangs though.

Lately I started trying to redefine my style into something more classic, so I got really inspired by some of theses shows I'm about to tell you, hence these photos I took after watching The Crown.

Here I'm listing 5 movies/series I've watched recently and really loved the fashion.

Rebecca, Netflix

The other day I was searching for something fun to watch and came across the movie Rebecca, on Netflix. First of all, I LOVE Armie Hammer and will watch whatever he makes, but Lily James is really IT in this movie for me. This fun to watch movie is a sordid tale of sex, murder, power, jealousy and gender and tells the story of a nameless ingénue who marries a wealthy widower and relocates to live at his huge estate. Despite the seemingly romantic context, this tale is far from a love story but I guarantee you will fall in love with her romantic outfits featuring lots of collared blouses and cute hats.

The Crown, Netflix

I had watched all the seasons of The Crown but was particularly invested in watching this one because I knew Lady Diana was going to be a huge topic and her fashion style was so iconic.

Diana in her own words, Netflix

Came for the tea, stayed for Lady Di's iconic looks. What is really interesting to see as well, other then obviously the history that this documentary brings, is the story behind each one of those looks.

The Guernsey, Literary & Potato Pie Society, Netflix

Also featuring Lily James,

Emily in paris, Netflix

The storyline itself was a little too silly for me if I may be honest. The portrayal of some of the figures in the fashion industry was not really accurate, but I can't deny the outfits were really fun.

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