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A new way to shop: presenting Fadshops in Toronto

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

The other day I got invited by Fadshops to share a shopping session at The Latest Scoop, a super cool store here in Toronto. Fadshops is promoting a fashion eco-system aiming to regroup all the positive experiences spent in the fashion retail stores to promote a fun experience versus the e-shopping experience.

Here is how it works: They go around town and find the best stores, the ones that you wouldn't normally find unless you walked in front of it or someone told you about it, then they give objective and expert reviews of these stores. They classify them into different styles to make it easier for you to browse. For example, If my style is more Glamorous or Casual, I'd get access to all those stores that have that specifically style. Genius!!

Their aim is to provide tools to help us customers to find with few clicks what we are looking for in stores, which results in a more fun shopping experience.

You should check them out:

You should also check out my shopping at The Latest Scoop with Fadshops:

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