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Cold, cold, cozy!

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

I was browsing through my instagram page this morning and almost didn't recognise myself in some of those "Toronto night out" days. It seems like ages ago not only physically, but also mentally. I loved living in Toronto and wish we wouldn't have left, but I've come to enjoy Nashville as well even though I don't seem to connect with this town as much. Is that an ok thing to say?

I think this year's been hard on everyone and not being able to go out and really do things has played a big part on this.

Even though I haven't really been able to explore the city the way I love (by going to cool cafes and restaurants like I used to), I'm still able to find some cool places to visit outdoors. How gorgeous are these trees that are still resisting to not lose all their leaves? This was in front of the Nissan Stadium.

Anyways it's cold here and we have to dress accordingly!

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