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Christmas Morning Brunch

Two years ago we were in Toronto and decided to stay at home for Christmas. Just to brake from the traditional pancakes on Christmas morning, we decided to make this Bagel Brunch board instead.

What we used:

  1. Assorted bagels

  2. Smoked Salmon

  3. Eggs

  4. Avocado

  5. Red Onions (pickled ones are also delicious)

  6. Cream cheese and Hummus

You can always get creative and add other things as well like fruits. We served with coffee and Mimosas, of course.

It was fun and delicious, just make sure your crowd is all for it.

You can always stay more traditional with the pancakes, but a fun thing to add is a Yogurt/granola bar. Here I used my HOMEMADE GRANOLA recipe with yogurt, honey, berries and nuts.

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