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Cute Christmas Gift Ideas: Shop Small

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

Tis the season, isn't it?!

I'm sure you're on the search for what to get everyone in your family and maybe then some! Well, this post might be your go-to for some really cute ideas that might be a little different from what you've usually given.

AND these ideas come from local businesses instead of major department stores, major bonus!

Markets for Makers Jacksonville at The Glass Factory

Markets for Makers, a really cool organization who brings together local shops in one space, recently came to Jacksonville and boy did I love it!!! I feel like this year I was in need of some different ideas for my loved ones and I found some really cute things.

Here are some of my favorites, happy shopping!

... PS if you're a family member maybe stop reading this post... thanks!

I LOVED Bloomwolf Studio and their prints so much! We move around a lot and I love having little things in our home of all of the places we lived and of course of our hometown, Milwaukee. I think their prints of different cities would make such good gifts for your families and friends. I would highly recommend checking out their site and if you don't see your city or state contact the owner she was very nice and extremely helpful!

Next on the list, Camp Cocktails! How clever are these little guys?! We all have a brother, sister, friend who loves a fun drink or is a mixologist so this was a no-brainer for me to buy some of these. They come with the ingredients in the jars and the recipe on the back, just add your spirit of choice! Sure to make your holidays a little more fun.

Okay, I loved every single thing at the Tipsy Gardener's shop! My best friend loves air plants and The Tipsy Gardener had everything you could want when it comes to these. Small, cork magnet holders were seriously so cute and their cement planters are so clever! I would shop here for the plant lover, gardener, hippy, best friend!

Candles, I know I know there are tons of candle brands and heck you can go to Bath and Beyond and buy an $8 candle, BUT these soy candles smell seriously so amazing and they have a 55 hour burn time. Definitely check out the AO Fragrance site and shop their collections, they'll be a nice little gift for friends or make a nice addition to your holiday decor (they have 3 tree scents that immediately scream Christmas to me: White Birch, Fraser Fir and Blue Spruce).

I'm such a dork and didn't grab a photo from this one, but I think every single item I saw from their shop I wanted. This place would be great to shop for the homemaker, home decor enthusiast, cook, furniture lover, etc. Seriously, please check out their shop site, you won't be disappointed!

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