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Doughnuts, Coffee & Pink walls

Updated: Jul 6, 2018

I'm always searching for nice little cafes but this time I found this one by accident. Let me explain. As I was walking around Spadina Avenue trying to find this other bistro and already frustrated because my phone was dead and honestly who in this era can find their way without a GPS? Right? Anyways I "bumped"into the cutest pink wall and TA-DA the only thing I could read was a sign that said "Doughnuts". I can almost assure you the sign was shining with a big halo behind it. I had to stop.

They offer two types of mini doughnuts that are fried to order and can be served up in an order of 6 or a dozen. Cinnamon sugar is a staple while a glazed option changes sometimes, the one I had was strawberry. It melts in your mouth!!

COPS Doughnuts

Address: 445 Adelaide Street West, Toronto (entrance off Morrison)

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