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Fall Home Essentials

If you're not a huge fan of spending tons of money in seasonal decor items, this post is for you. We have moved so many times in the past years that I settled for only having Christmas Decor (because hello, I will NOT negotiate on Christmas). But at the same time, I do want to have the Fall feeling of a cozy home. So I've separated a couple of items that don't necessarily scream one specific season, but that will add up a nice touch of Holidays to your decor.

1. Candle

Write that down because this will be the most important item: a candle. What is Fall without the scent of pumpkin spice? This one is great and this one is delicious. But if you're not a huge fan of pumpkin spice, this one is perfect.

2. Wreath

I always love adding a cute wreath, and it doesn't need to be outside the door. On top of your fireplace, in your kitchen or even on top of your bed.

Wreath, Target

3. Chunky Blanket

One word: Cozy.

Chunky Blanket, Target

4. Amber soap dispenser

5. Leather Pillows

These brown leather throw pillows are super trendy for Fall. Perfect if you want to achieve a boho look and get the warmth feeling of this season.

Leather throw pillows, Amazon

6. Wooden Tray

Perfect to place it on your coffee table or even your coffee station with your coffee pods and supplies.

Wooden tray, Crate and Barrel

7. Bedsheets

These 1500 thread count sheets are SO beautiful and will add the perfect level of luxurious softness that you need to feel cozy in these Autumn nights. I'm simply obsessed with their Pumpkin Spice colour.

Bedsheets in Pumpkin Spice Color, by PeachSkinSheets

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