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How I styled our coffee station

Are you one of those people who can only really start functioning in the morning after you had your first sip of coffee? I am. It's part of my morning ritual to make myself a nice cup of coffee and enjoy it as I start preparing things for the day. So to make my life easier, I put everything I need there handy. Here's how I style my coffee station:

Useful tips:

  • Keep it clean. I'm terrified of clutter, so the best thing is to keep it clean and with minimal things on the countertop.

  • Keep within the theme and colours of your kitchen

  • Use cute things but also keep it functional

  • Keep things handy

Here is the before and after:

Here are the products I used:

  1. Coffee machine + Aeroccino, Nespresso

  2. Capsule dispenser, Nespresso

  3. Gold Metal Straws, Amazon

  4. White marble and gold round tray, similar, World Market

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