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How to host a Lobster Boil

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

My craving started with something I saw on Chrissy Teigen's Instagram Story. She was hosting the most fabulous seafood boil. Then, as I was walking around my local grocery store, I saw these beautiful lobsters and thought "how hard would it be to host a lobster boil?". It was a matter of seconds and when I realised, I was already paying for it.

Hear me up. I'm the type of girl that when I decide to host something, I need a little bit of time to prepare, which is natural. A few minutes to put together a list of what I need, a couple of hours to buy everything, some time on Pinterest searching for ideas and after I invite everyone thats coming, I need at least one entire night to freak out, lose my sleep and think everything will go wrong. That's just who I am. LOL

But this time I just decided everything so last minute that I really didn't have too much time for any of this. Ok, here I am walking home with three LIVE lobsters in my grocery bag and thinking "What am I doing? I never cooked lobster before. What if they look at me and say please don't kill us? Am I really gonna be able to go through with this?".

So I got home, separated all the ingredients, started boiling the water. It was time. If you have trouble picturing how this whole thing went, watch this. That's exactly how it went. I put my pink rubber gloves on, grabbed the salad tongs, opened up the box and there they were, staring at me. I grabbed one by one and between I'm sorry's and screams, I set them to die. I mean cook. I think it's safe to say I might never do that again. It was DELICIOUS, though.

Anyways, let's go to the good part. Here's what I bought:

To buy:


3 Lobsters




Small Potatoes (red and yellow)



Sauces I used:

Cocktail sauce (store bought)

Tartar Sauce (store bought)

Lemon Garlic Butter sauce (homemade)

To drink:

White wine



1. Skip the paper napkins. It can get really messy and it's easier to use towels.

2. Put on the table a couple of layers of newspaper, it'll make it a lot easier to clean it after.

3. Separate a small trash can a place it under the table, this is really helpful.

If you have more time then I did, you can send invitations too.



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