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How we prepared our room for Ollie's arrival

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

When preparing your own room for a baby, it's essential to stick to the basics, specially if, like us, you don't have too much room to play with. I knew I'd be nursing, so a rocking chair seemed to be essential, but to be honest, I use it much more during the day then during the night. His bassinet stays right next to the bed on my side and it's just so convenient to grab him and feed him right there.

The changing table is also essential, having all his items in there at my reach, where I can grab anything I need and never leave him unattended. I really like this one, although I wanted one with holes where I could put some cute baskets, we just didn't;t have enough space as those are much bigger.

I put this cute safari mobile at the changing table to keep him entertained, but I'm constantly putting it at the bassinet as well, he loved trying to reach the animals and looking at them as they spin around.

I highly recommend a white noise machine, I only didn't buy one because the SNOO bassinet already comes with it, but I really think it's essential.

Overall, I just wanted too keep it simple but still cute.

  1. Rocking chair, Target

  2. Gold floor lamp, Target

  3. Safari Baby Mobile, Meri Meri

  4. Changing table, Target

  5. Baby Bassinet SNOO, Happiest Baby

  6. Name "Ollie" personalised, A Clementina shop - Etsy

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