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I Made THE Milk Bar Birthday Cake from Chef's Table... and it was AMAZING!

We are Netflix people and one weekend when JC was out of town I hunkered down with glass of wine and binge watched the Chef's Table Pastry season. I, of course, fell in love with Christina Tosi's story and how Milk Bar came to be, but I became even more enamored with her Milk Bar Birthday Cake.

For birthdays in the past, I have made over-the-top cakes to celebrate, and this year I thought "I have to make the Milk Bar Birthday Cake"!

So I did... and it is so tasty I don't think I ever want plain, old Funfetti again. Seriously, the frosting is so good and not too much, the crunch/crumbs (whatever you want to call them) are so good in between the layers of cake it made me want to eat more and more cake. This thing is my new favorite!

If you're looking to take this on you can find the recipe on the Milk Bar site.

My tips!

If you decide to make it just go slow and give yourself plenty of time. I made this the night before I wanted to eat it and put it in the freezer overnight. It is a little lengthy to make the cake because you're making it from scratch, but once you get that done everything else is pretty simple.

I did abide my the 3 hour thaw time as well before digging in, which I would also recommend so make sure you pull this out with plenty of time before serving.

Lastly, make sure you have a six inch cake round and the acetate strips. I ordered mine from Amazon, but these really came in handy for assembly!

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