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My Ultimate Christmas Gift List For Everybody

Took my a while but here it is! My Gift list for everyone in the family. Take a look, you might have forgotten something or if you're like me and haven't even started at all! HAHA Either or, I hope you like it.

For the Foodie

  1. Marble and gold cheeseboard, amazon

  2. Gold Cheese Knife, Amazon

  3. Braun Coffee Machine in white, Williams and Sonoma

  4. Marble and gold Cake Platter, Amazon

  5. Fondue machine, Amazon

  6. Measuring cups, Amazon

  7. SodaStream, Amazon

  8. coffee / hot chocolate / tea mug, amazon

  9. Golden straws, amazon

For Him

  1. Braun Coffee Machine in white, Williams and Sonoma

  2. Bedside Clock, Amazon

  3. Backpack, Amazon

  4. Bedside wireless charging station, Amazon

  5. Game, Amazon

  6. PJs for him, Amazon

  7. Massage gun, Amazon

  8. Book, Amazon

  9. UGG slippers, amazon

For Her

  1. Top, Amazon

  2. Bathtub Tray, Amazon

  3. Softest Slippers, amazon

  4. Madden Boots, Kohls

  5. Earrings, Amazon

  6. Earrings, Amazon

  7. Silk Face Mask, Nordstrom

  8. SKIMS Robe, Nordstrom

  9. Coco Madmoseille, Nordstrom

  10. Dyson Airwrap, Nordstrom

For a Baby

  1. Boppy Newborn Lounger, Amazon

  2. Boppy Nursing Pillow, Amazon

  3. Montessori Rainbow, Amazon

  4. The Play Gym, Lovevery

  5. Wooden baby gym, Amazon

  6. Green Leaf Playmat, Amazon

  7. Kale Teether, Old & Carol

  8. Stacking cups, Mushie

  9. Matching beanie, Amazon

  1. Pjs, Amazon. These are so comfortable and I got the same for Ollie as well.

  2. Puzzle Chuckle and Roar, Amazon. We are huge fans of all their toys, this puzzle is so fun!

  3. Bento Box, Amazon. Perfect for school.

  4. Cooking Book for kids, Amazon This cookbook is fun and it is on Theo's Santa list as he's been obsessed with cooking lately.

  5. Osmo, Amazon. Super fub interactive game for the kiddos. Heads up, you'll need an IPAD to use it.

  6. Magnet Tiles, Amazon This one is amazing for their development, fun to play and easy to clean up as well, as it's magnet.

  7. Splash Science Learning, Amazon. Perfect for sensory play. We used it a lot on Summer playing with water outside, but it's great for indoor play too. Getting creative with play dough, sand etc.

  8. Balance Board, Amazon. Theo loves this for reading as well as balancing. It's a great way to burn some energy and super easy to store.

  9. Treasure Hunt Chuckle and Roar game, Target. We've been playing this nonstop. It's great for problem solving!

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