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OTR II Tour: THE Queen Bey

If you don't know me, I am a huge Beyonce fan. Not super crazy Beyhive member, but she is the queen in my opinion. I love everything she does and puts out there, I think all of her work is super well-planned and thought out and her creativity is just on another level. Since Beyonce and Jay Z are currently on their On The Run II Tour, JC and I had to grab tickets and go to her show in Orlando!

We first saw Beyonce in concert when she was on tour for Lemonade in Minneapolis (we were living there at the time) and it was the best concert either one of us had ever been to. The amount of songs she performed, along with all of her dancing and choreography, and the visuals- she is an entertainer for sure!

Coming in to this OTR II show I was a little less excited to see Jay Z and was thinking he wasn't going to be anything special, so was kind of thinking the show was going to be less entertaining than the concert we had previously been to, but boy was I wrong!

Jay Z brought it and the two of them together were so engaging and entertaining, I might have liked this show even more than the last! All of the visuals were still so on point, when they weren't on stage there were really cool videos playing, she still killed all of the dancing and singing and he was very entertaining. They performed for well over two hours, probably almost 3, and I could have sat there all night. Their openers Chloe x Halle and DJ Khaled also brought the hype which really got the crowd going.

Beyonce is just really a level jump from every other concert I have been to. Her stage is insane- she has a full band, dancers, etc. Her performances are amazing- she dances, sings every note perfectly. It really is a show and that's what I think concerts should be, especially if you're paying a hundred or more dollars for a ticket.

If you ever have the chance to see Queen Bey in concert you have to go! It is literally the experience of a lifetime from a concert standpoint.

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