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Rooftop Bars in Toronto You Have to Go

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

Rosé at the Thompson Rooftop Bar

When I arrived in Toronto back in February, the question people would ask me the most was "Do you like Toronto?". Easy response: YES! The city is amazing, beautiful, clean, there are so many things to do and I just love it. But the thing I would hear back the most was "If you love it now on Winter, you'll fall in love with it on Summer". They were talking about the numerous Rooftop Bars and Restaurants the city has. You see Rooftop Bars are a huge thing in Toronto, specially on Summer. Some of them have pools, some have amazing food and drinks, but all have breathtakingly gorgeous views of the city.

So I separated 3 of my favourite ones:

Thompson Rooftop Bar

Located at on the top of the Thompson Hotel, you can enjoy creative cocktails and a full bottle menu, with really nice sushi and a cheese platter to die for! My favourite time to go there is on sunset, when the sky is pink and the DJ makes a perfect Summer atmosphere.


Located on King Street, Lavelle is a rooftop pool, patio, bar and restaurant. It's a place to go if you're a drinks-by-the-pool kinda gal. But who isn't? Their tuna tartare is a must try!


Located on the top of the Bisha Hotel, KOST is my favourite Summer Brunch place. I'm obsessed with their Eggs Bennedict, but their Coconut Pancakes are pretty neat too!

Heads up: If you want to go for a brunch on the weekend, book your table in advance!

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