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The Best Local Fish Spots in JAX

If you're ever in JAX, you'll quickly find out that seafood is the thing to eat. Jacksonville is basically surrounded by water with the Atlantic Ocean to the east and the St. John's River running through downtown so it's no surprise that there are some incredible fish shacks all over town.

It is also a really big city in terms of geography, but the spots near the beaches these are my go-to and absolute favorites! Here's a little more about each one...

#1: North Beach Fish Camp

Now, this isn't really a fish shack, but OMG the food is so good! There are a few other branches of this one across Jacksonville, but my favorite is on the Atlantic Beach Boardwalk- North Beach Fish Camp. I typically get the Seared Yellow Fin Tuna with Toasted Sesame Salad and it is like a party in my mouth. It leaves me wanting more even though I'm stuffed. It's just so good I could go on and on. Their fried shrimp dinner platter is also really good... just please go here any time you come to JAX, you will not regret it.

#2: Safe Harbor Seafood

Okay, now this is a fish shack, but this is seriously such a close tie for #1 with North Beach. This is a completely different vibe, it's on the Inter-Coastal and is super casual. You walk up to the counter where you can literally see fresh fish and you order, grab a table and eat! It's probably my favorite go-to spot on the fly, but be warned it gets crowded and it is small so if you're coming in summer on a Friday or Saturday you might want to come early. Our favorites on the menu are the fried shrimp baskets, I've also gotten it blackened and with the boom boom sauce (they're all good). Their hush puppies come along with the baskets and I don't know if I've ever had better hush puppies. I love you Safe Harbor. Also, if you're in the Atlantic Beach area and not wanting to leave the boardwalk, Sliders does serve the Safe Harbor seafood so you can always pop in there and get the goods. I don't know why I just prefer the environment at Safe Harbor, but the food is pretty much the same.

#3: Salt Life Food Shack

Salt Life is a solid choice when in Jacksonville. We're fans of the Caliche's Poke Bowl and the Shrimp Brochette, but have had a lot off their menu. It's a casual vibe with the surf inspiration pumping through. It's pretty low key and never too crowded so you can always get in, but still good food. An overall, solid experience.

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