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We asked... a Celebrity Hairstylist: 5 Reasons Why You're Having Bad Hair

This will be the first post of the series "We asked..." that we'll be doing on the blog where we'll be asking professionals for tips we think you'd like to know. We hope you like it! So here we go, on our first one, we asked celebrity hairstylist Bev Patterson...

5 Reasons Why You're Having Bad Hair

1. Using the wrong shampoo

With so many options on the market it's natural that sometimes we get confused and don't know exactly which one to use, or which brand, or what component am I supposed to look for in a shampoo.

Which one would you recommend?

I'd say any shampoo that has a good amount of keratin in it. The problem is that most of them say they have it but what they have is such a small amount that it doesn't even count. I love the products from the brand BEHAVE.

Behave intense rescue shampoo

2. Not cleaning it properly

If you put products on your hair to style it you have to clean it off completely otherwise it builds up on your scalp and may cause many problems such ass dandruff and even hair loss.Getting a healthy scalp is the key to having healthy hair.

How to make sure you clean it?

When you're shampooing, use your finger tips to massage the scalp, this way you're stimulating the blood flow that feeds the hair follicle. After that, rinse it to make sure you didn't leave any product behind.

Tip: Cool it! Always remember to rinse it with cold water, to seal down the cuticles.

3. Applying products straight after you washed your hair

After you washed it, use your towel to dry it, comb it in the direction you want to use it and then go have a cup of tea. Leave your hair alone until it gets to a damp stage. This will leave you with less frizz, more shine, your blow wave will last longer and your hair will thank you.

What happens if I don't really have time to sit around and let it dry?

Towel dry it and then use a diffuser.

4. Using too much Heat

The amount of heat you're applying on your hair can do a lot of damage. Blow drying, ironing and even the sun can ruin your hair.

Skipping on sun protection is one big beauty faux pas.

You know how important it is to wear sunscreen daily, but just like your skin, you can’t neglect your hair too.

Shiseido ultimate sun protection spray

How to avoid that?

When you're blow drying/ironing, make sure you keep a good distance between the blow dryer and your hair, and try to not use the highest temperature, this can burn your hair and really damage it. My favourite thermal spray is this one from RUSK.

Rusk thermal shine spray

5. Chemicals

Colouring hair and applying colour on top of colour weakens your hair and causes breakage. There are special techniques that make your colour last longer, therefore is not necessary to colour it so many times. If you do so, always make sure to do hair treatments to minimise the damage.



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