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Why I Chose Persona as my Daily Multivitamin

I started taking Persona long before getting asked to talk about them here. First of all, the fact that it is catered exactly to my needs, is fantastic.You start by going to their website and responding to an assessment. Then you will find out exactly what you need, based on your answers. For example, because I'm nursing, one of the vitamins I take are prenatal. They carefully look at your current health conditions, gender, age, diet, allergies, lifestyle, and even your prescription medications, so you get just what you need.

Another really cool thing about it is that I never run out of vitamins, as Persona offers a subscription program that delivers to your door each month, which is great for COVID times and also great for mommas who just had babies and don't really feel like running out of the house for errands (AKA me).

I added mine to my morning routine, leaving the box at my coffee station as a reminder.

If you’re interested in trying Persona multivitamins, you can try them out using this link to get 30% OFF.

xxx Yandra

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