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Zara Sale Unboxing!

Updated: Jun 28, 2018

It's that time of year... Zara Sale!!!!

I recently jumped on to the site and snagged a couple of everyday items for myself. Here's my unboxing video with the items I got... Total purchase was under $90!


Here's all the items laid out so you can see them a little better. I ended up removing the shoulder pads from the dress because I already have broad shoulders and it was getting to look a little too top heavy. I love it so much without them! Definitely good for a night out with JC.


Here's links to shop each item! Hurry because not all items will be available for long!

I'd Rather Be at the Beach Tee: $9.99

Camo Crop Top: $9.99

Ribbed Tanks in black & white: $5.90 each

White bodysuit with piping: $9.99

Long-sleeved dress: SOLD OUT!

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