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5 Things I'm Loving Lately

1. Starbucks Cranberry Bliss bar is my favorite Christmas treat. Here is a recipe from Skinny Taste with half the calories that you can make yourself at home. You're welcome.

2. My favorite Christmas candle from Bath and Body Works, Marshmallow Fireside. I'm not lying when I tell you it's THE BEST CANDLE EVER!

3. The book Beyond Soap, by Dr. Sandy Skotnicki. It's not only a great read buy also mind-blowing! I've been hearing a lot lately about how the many chemicals we use on a daily basis can affect us and this book really helped explain why. In this super practical book, Dr. Skotnicki reveals the harmful effects of modern skincare habits and provides a step-by-step guide to preserve the microbiome, fight aging and develop beautiful, problem-free skin.

4. DoTerra Essential Lavender Oil in my diffuser as part of our bedtime routine.

5. Faux Fur coats. Now that its so cold outside I am loving all different kinds of faux fur coats and scarves. The coat in my picture above has been on repeat and it is from American Dreams, I'm wearing size US4 (XS).  Also loving these, these & these!

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