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A simple favor

The other day I was browsing through a book store and ended up buying this book called A Simple Favor. It's a story about two very different girl friends, a twisted tale of toxic female friendship. I'll be honest, the book gave me lots of cringeworthy moments where I thought that maybe I should skip some pages, but oh well, I didn't commit this crime. Instead, I read it all which made me want to watch the movie even more.

Then, I found out that the film had a star-studded cast with Anna Kendrick playing mommy vlogger Stephanie and Blake Lively playing - surprise- super fashionable, mom that drinks cocktails in the afternoon and works as a PR for a huge fashion designer, Emily.

The thriller is filled with twists and betrayals, secrets and revelations, love and loyalty, murder and revenge, with the costumes acting as another character. And the thing that really dragged me to the movie theatre was knowing that award winning costume designer, Renee Ehrlich Kalfus was the one responsible for the dreamy wardrobe worn by Blake Lively, which completely steals the show.

Blake wears men inspired suits throughout most of the movie and they are all from iconic designer Ralph Lauren. To perfect Emily's impeccable look, Renee thought of every detail, including lapel pins, cuff links and pocket watches, all sourced by her from vintage stores in Toronto.

Another thing I looooved about the movie was the soundtrack with lots of french songs which is basically what I hear everyday at home HAHA. There are lots of differences from the book to the movie, still you really, really should go watch the movie.

Anyways this whole suits thing gave me a major fever and that's all I want to wear right now. Do you love suits or think it's office wear only?

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