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Blazer-Style Dress for Date Night

What to wear?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? That is my biggest question for every event, even a date night with my hubby. In Jacksonville, every place we go is pretty casual, but sometimes I still want to glam up and have a cute night out.

If you watched my unboxing post, you saw that I got this dress during the Zara Summer Sale. I ended up ripping out the shoulder pads because I have broad shoulders, and this dress is now one of my favorite pieces. It's cute, but not over-the-top, which is basically my style in more-or-less words.

I'm pretty sure it didn't make it through the sale so I'm not sure you can still shop it, but here are a few blazer-style dresses that I am also loving, and would probably give you just as much glam.

Happy date nights!

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