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Green Everything!

We've always had an affinity for the wearable olive green, but this season's take—moodier and deeper—hits all the marks for us. Weather you risk wearing one piece or a full look in green, it definitely works by uplifting a street style from a "predictable" all black look this season.

Olive green is a wonderful shade that seems quite neutral. It has been the color of the year in the past, yet some people don’t dare to wear it. It works with more risky outfits, but it is also a staple in your average office look with a blazer.

Another variation of this colour can be seen also in velvet fabric.VELVET continues to capture hearts in fashion this year, but also in decor. Are you a lover or hater of this trend? For me personally is definitely a YES! If you think a green velvet couch is a bit too much, try it in a throw pillow.

green and yellow throw pillows in my house


Blazer, Zara, CAD$ 129

Coat, Zara, CAD $199

Cargo Pants, Zara, CAD$ 49.90

Skirt, Zara, CAD$ 49.90

Coat, Zara, CAD$ 169

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