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How to use a Rose Quartz Facial Roller

The other day I posted on my stories that Urban Tonics had sent me some beauty goodies to try and I'm obsessed with their Rose Quartz roller. It's such an amazing gadget for my facials and I can't stop using it. So I decided to make a quick video to show you how I use it:

The other day Urban Tonics

1 Step:

Put it on the fridge. This will make the stone cool and ready for your facial.

2 Step:

Wash your face. If you're wearing make up, make sure you use a good make up remover so your skin is prepared to receive all the good stuff you're about to hydrate it with.

3 Step:

Apply a serum or facial oil. Use your finger tips to massage your face in circles to help penetrate. Make sure you don't miss any spots.

4 Step:

Start rolling! Starting with the middle of your forehead, use the roller in an upward and outward direction for five strokes. Then move on to your nose and work your way out along the cheek bones. Push the lymph down the side od the neck on both sides. Finish with stroking up the neck to the face.

Gold Tip: you can also use the roller on top of a sheet mask.

You can buy this Rose Quartz Roller at Urban Tonics. They ship it to US and Canada.

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