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Ice Cream Shops to try in Toronto

We listed 3 ice cream shops that you MUST go in Toronto just because... why not?

1. Hollywood Cone

If you're on Cheat day and feeling like going a little over the top, this is the place to go. Hollywood cones has not only the most extravagant shakes, cones and ice cream, but also churros and other yummy treats.

Located in 1167 Queen St W, Toronto

2. 沁茶.蜜語-It's Matcha Time

You can feel fancy at Toronto's first Gold Ice Cream which features a Matcha Gold Ice Cream and even a Charcoal Ice Cream with Gold/Silver leaf. If you haven't tried it yet, you're waiting some precious time, daahling!

Located in 505 Why 7 E, Unit 15, Markham, Ontario

3. Peace Treats Co

No better place to get all Drake's "In My Feelings", feelings in Toronto. This cute shop features the cutest (and yummiest) treats in Toronto with cute wall art that you just can't resist snapping lots of photos of.

Located in 131 Ossington Ave, Toronto

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