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Italian Date Night and How I Met Shakira

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

Any dinner that starts with burrata is a good dinner. Yes this is how I'm gonna start this post, talking about this delicious melts-in-your-mouth Burrata that will leave you begging for more. But maybe I should have really started talking about how we found this place.

Well, let's start from the beginning. A couple of days ago Caleb got home telling me we were invited to attend Shakira's concert here in Toronto. At first I was freaking out that I was even going to be in the same building as Shakira, then I thought about the fact that we were gonna share the SAME AIR (LOL), then I started thinking... wait a minute, we were INVITED? Like what? Ok fast forward to me desperately trying to find a sitter to stay with our son Theo, then trying to find something to wear (heels or no heels?), then jumping into an Uber and there we were. Front seats, right there. Waiting for that Goddess to start singing and obviously shaking that booty, I needed some beer to calm my nerves. Suddenly this super nice lady approaches us and telling us to follow her to this room "where Shaki will come and meet you". WAIT WHAAAT???

There we were, sitting in a room, sharing some popcorn with Rafael Nadal, trying to act cool, no big deal. She comes in... Hi! Hiiiii... Holla!! When she walked in I could hear angels singing in the background and butterflies were flying out of her hair. Caleb says I'm inventing this, but i'm telling you its true. Off we went with our friends to enjoy this super nice concert, dancing the night away and having too much fun.

It was time to go home. But I'm very sorry to tell you that this story doesn't end like this. When we stepped outside, it was raining so much that I'm pretty sure I saw a little dog getting into Noah's Arc. No cabs, no Ubers, complete chaos. We decided to just walk home instead, why not? If you're in the rain, you might as well get wet. We started running out of Scotiabank Arena and that's when I see this beautiful restaurant, and I shout to Caleb "we have to come here!".

Anyways we got home safe, no makeup left, it was a good night.

Back to the other story, I've been craving good Italian food for a couple of days and after googling and asking around, the common name was always this place called "Aria's Ristorante" which is located right across the street from the Scotiabank Arena, and my surprise when I realised it was that place we saw when we were running getting soaked in water.

Their contemporary decor along with some good Bossa Nova playing in the background makes the perfect place for a romantic date night. We started with the night's special, Burrata Caprese salad and paired with a glass of an Australian Shiraz.

For the main course, I ordered a Ravioli ai funghi that was delicious, and Caleb had the Chitarrine di Campofilone.

Aria's Ristorante homemade Chitarrine di Campofilone

Aria's Ristorante homemade Funghi Ravioli

Aria's Ristorante is located at 25 York Street, Toronto, ON.

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