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Mahina Swimwear Pop-Up Shop at INGUZ

Allie here!

I was at Picasso Salon on JAX Beach the other day, waiting to get my eyebrows done and I started flipping through a Void Magazine. If you're not familiar, Void is a local magazine that features local happenings, shops, restaurants and more. It was their swimwear issue and I love seeing the latest swimsuits since we now live at the beach. As I was reading, I came across this cool article about Mahina Swimwear and their owner, and was fascinated. All of their suits were so on-trend and very affordable so, of course, I stalked their Instagram!

While stalking, I saw that they were doing a pop-up shop at Inguz on June 30th. Sold! I marked my calendar and was attending.

Mahina bottoms

The pop-up said it'd be open from 10 AM - 6 PM so I figured I'd stop in around lunch. Low, and behold, these suits went like hot cakes! I got there around noon and there were a few bottoms left and like 3 one pieces. I guess this proves Mahina is the real deal, or at least in Jacksonville it is. I didn't mind though, I loved being able to feel the material and see the fabrics in person, and these are some quality suits. So glad I came, but I'll be ordering online!

One other thing, how cute is Inguz?! I am in love! The decor, the clothes, the accessories- everything is so cute! I'll be stopping back in to make some super cute purchases soon... or just to lounge on this amazing leather couch.



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