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My Skincare Routine

It’s been a while since I’ve updated you all on skin stuff (or any stuff for that matter lol), and I actually have a bit of a new routine to share. I spoke a little about this book about skincare that I read on a previous post, but I still think I've so much more to share about it. I'm talking about "Beyond Soap" by Dr.Sandy Skotnicki. It really helped me change so much in what I used to do and think was amazing but really wasn't doing any good to my skin. But for now I'll just share what I do on the daily basis.

  1. It's a simple thing. If I have makeup on, I must clean/wash my face. If I don't, even when I'm makeup-free, washing it is a vital part of removing dirt and oil to avoid brake outs. But careful to not over do it, according to skin-care experts, overwashing your face is a thing — and it can be just as bad as not washing your face enough. I use my Michael Todd Beauty "Sonic Clear Brush" which is gentle on my skin and really scrubs all the areas of my face. (I use it 3-4 times/week)

  2. Moisturise! The one product I always run through quickly is moisturizer. I use so much of it, specially during winter (and I live in Canada which means basically the whole year LOL). So I always start with a serum, to intensify the hydration, I've been using Volition Beauty Snow Mushroom Serum since last year and I love it. Another one I've been using is the Truth Serum by Olehenriksen, it's great and it smells delicious. Then I apply Vital C Moisturiser by Image Skincare which has been working wonderfully on my skin. I also love Crème de La Mer, but because it's a little more pricy than the others, I don't use it as often. If I'm in a hurry, I love using First Aid Beauty’s Priming Moisturizer, especially for the day-time because it’s a great two-in-one with the mix of being a moisturizer/primer.

It’s about finding what works best for you and your skin, and also sticking to a routine.

Consistently cleansing my face morning and night, making sure all of my makeup is off and adding some good moisturiser and oils make all the difference in the world.

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