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We asked... a makeup artist: 5 everyday tips you need now!

Okay, okay, makeup tutorials are everywhere today. Kylie Jenner's showing off looks left and right, Kim Kardashian is contouring her whole self everywhere I look, and I am still confused about what baking is. So, what about your everyday girl who just needs some classic tips that are easy go-to's? Well, we asked Sophie Cassells, makeup artist out of Ireland, what 5 makeup tips we should be using right now, and girl she delivered! These tips are essentials to getting the right look and aren't just a trend for the moment. Be sure to read every tip below!

1. Know your skin type! It sounds simple but knowing your correct skin type can make such a difference to how well your makeup applies, and most importantly - lasts on your face throughout the day! There are so many different types of foundations and concealers that are either oil or water based, so make sure to find one to suit you skin type! Also, when it comes to setting your makeup with a finishing powder, a person with dry skin might prefer a setting spray instead of a powder, to help add moisture back into the skin , rather than a powder that might sit on your skin and feel heavy. I personally love MAC Studio Fix Foundation for oily skin, and Maybelline Fit Me foundation for dryer skin.

2. Color theory is everything! This is another one that may sound simple, but it is so effective: wear colors on your face (i.e. eyes and lips) that will enhance the color of your eyes and really help those to stand out. For example, if you have blue eyes , any warm toned shadows like oranges and coppers will really brighten and draw attention to your eye color. The same goes for lipstick, any coral/vibrant orange toned red lipstick will really make blue eyes pop! To find out the colors that best work for you - take a look at a color wheel. If you have green eyes - the colors directly opposite green on the color wheel will be your best colors!

3. Let's talk foundation shades! Make sure to choose a foundation that matches perfectly with the skin on your face/neck. I've seen some people going a shade or two darker with their foundation to achieve a 'sun-kissed' or more tan look. This is a huge no-no. Instead, use bronzers and blushes to add color to the face. The foundation should just be there to even out the canvas underneath all of this- not to add color! Tip: swatch the shades along your jawline to find your perfect match - not the back of the hand!

4. Eyeshadow! If you want to make sure your eyeshadow blends like a dream, always always always make sure you set the eyeshadow base /concealer on your lids with a translucent or skin toned eyeshadow first! This will create a nice matte base for the shadows to blend perfectly over. If you leave the lids unset, the eyeshadow might cling onto the moisture of your eyeshadow base and it's will be a lot harder to get that blended out flawless finish! Top Tip: set the eyeshadow base with a nice cream colored or white shadow to really brighten the eye area.

5. Last, but CERTAINLY not least, the eyebrows. If you have filled your brows in with a pencil or and eyeshadow, I love to spray some hairspray on a spoolie brush and brush it through my brows to set everything in place! It's such a simple trick but it saves you having to buy a brow gel. If you have really dark brow hairs you can also lightly brush your mascara through your brows for the same effect!

Interested in knowing more about Sophie or reaching her directly? Check out her Instagram @Sophiecassells or email her at

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